Meet The Team


Brad Calloway was born in raised in Raeford, North Carolina. He has a beautiful wife named Brandi. As well as two wonderful children, Payton and Cooper. He is a third-generation owner of Raeford Hardware. When the store was purchased by his grandfather and father in 1973, it was approximately 2,000 square feet. My father expanded the building 3 separate times increasing the square footage to 7, 000 square feet. Brad has followed in their footsteps by purchasing the store from his father in 2012 and expanding the building to 10, 000 square feet. He has also completely remodeled 8, 000 square feet above the store preserving many of the original features from the building, keeping the hometown vibe.

“I think it is very important to keep downtown Raeford thriving. This community is very important to my family; we try to be very involved in community activities. I want to bring more people to our downtown area so they can see the wonderful opportunities, small businesses, and warm atmosphere that are present.” Brad Calloway

Vice President

Kurt Posey moved from Florida eleven years ago. He is the Executive Vice President/Director/Trustee of Sun Path Products. He has five children, four daughters and one son. He has lived and worked in downtown Raeford for eleven years. He is a member of Kiwanis and the Fall Festival Board. He is also heavily involved with the Chamber of Commerce. In 2016, he was voted Employee of the Year for the Chamber of Commerce as well as 2017-2018 Citizen of the Year for Kiwanis.

“I have adopted Raeford, North Carolina as my home city. I enjoy the people and sense of community.” Kurt Posey


Doug Baker


Shelley Wilburn is the Owner/Operator of Wilburn Lofts Meeting & Event Center. Shelley has lived and worked in Raeford since 1998. She and her husband, Steve, live in the loft above their Main Street business. Shelley is a staunch advocate for downtown living. She believes we must maintain vibrancy in the city’s core to nurture economic stability. She works diligently to ensure its’ viability. Her grandchildren love spending time in the loft. The large windows give them a bird’s eye view of Main Street and the busy street below keeping them entertained for hours.

“They don’t build towns like ours anymore. Raeford has industry, schools, churches, shops, restaurants, parks, and walkable sidewalks, within the city limits. Our downtown still functions as a Live-work-play community. It is low-stress living at its finest. You can start out as an apartment renter, grow your family and move into a house, then eventually downsize to complete the circle of life.” Shelley Wilburn

Shelley’s Motto: “Work hard, play hard.”

Dennis Baxley

A lifelong resident of Raeford currently serving as City Manager since 2014. Previously worked with the County of Hoke for 25 years as Public Works Director.

Megan Stephenson

Megan’s husband is currently serving in the Army and for the last 8 years they have been blessed to call Raeford home. They love the hometown charm that Raeford has to offer.Megan is over marketing for Raeford Hardware.

“Working here has given me an opportunity to really see the City of Raeford and makes me love it even more. I think it is so important for people to shop local and support small businesses. Being apart of something that could help other businesses succeed and show support along the way is a great opportunity and privilege. Downtown Raeford is truly amazing, and I can’t wait to see this town grow.” Megan Stephenson

David McNeill

David is the owner and operator of Home Food Market, Inc. He is the fourth generation to take on the task of running the family business located in the heart of historic downtown Raeford. Taking pride in what he does at Home Food Market, he strives to provide quality products and service to every customer. Fresh cut meats from the butcher shop, locally grown produce from various family farms and numerous North Carolina specialty items line the shelves of the market side. David also operates a feed, seed and garden center. Their motto is: “If it eats, then we feed it!”

David chose to make Raeford his home for himself and family. He is happily married and with three beautiful children.

“Raeford is a growing environment with an abundance of great opportunity on the horizon. I grew up supporting local business and it has definitely shaped the way I see the future of Raeford to continue to grow. Shopping local not only helps local business owners but it helps strengthen the local economy which is beneficial for the entirety of Raeford as a whole. Together we can continue making Raeford a wonderful place to live. So, stop what you’re doing, come downtown and see what’s new in historic downtown Raeford!” David McNeill

Paul Raymond

Young Entrepreneur that move to Raeford in 1997. Continued educational career in college and then worked at Womack hospital in the electric electronic field. Not long after leaving Womack hospital he met the love of his life, Jacqueline Thompson. He and Jacqueline work together to help build a better downtown Raeford.

“We are excited about being centrally located in the Page Trust Building. It holds a lot of history for Hoke county. We are first-generation business owners in the downtown Raeford area. We hope to build a lasting Legacy for generations to come.”

Will Wright

Will Wright is the Director of Raeford/Hoke Economic Development and the owner of W.J. Wright Realty Co. located on Oakwood Ave. in downtown Raeford. Will is a native of Hoke County and an Elder at Bethel Presbyterian Church. He graduated from Hoke County High School. He has a degree in Business and Accountancy from Wake Forest University. After graduating from Wake Forest he worked as a CPA for the accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche. While at Deloitte he specialized in the audit of financial institutions. Based out of the Winston-Salem office, his international client base took him for extended assignments in Boston MA, Almaty Kazakhstan, and Budapest Hungary. He was drawn back to Hoke County to be closer to his family and the growing opportunities in the local real estate market. Working first with his grandfather at J.H. Wright Realty and later at his own firm W.J. Wright Realty he learned how “sell” the local community to new businesses and potential residents. After serving on the Raeford/Hoke Economic Development Board for several years he realized the economic development position was the perfect place for his business and real estate skills to come together. He has a vested interest in seeing Raeford and Hoke County grow and prosper. In his free time Will enjoys reading, spoiling his niece and nephews, and piloting his plane to the coast where he captains the family fishing boat.

William Fields